Carnival Theme Party Rentals

We have thrilling and exciting Carnival Theme Party Rentals for your next event. These are perfect for block parties, birthday parties, company picnics, school fundraisers, church fairs or any affair, indoors or out. Step right up and test you luck as well as your skill with our professional classic carnival games. These game are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces! We supply four of the following games of your choice, distance barriers, attendants and an ample variety of prizes.

Ring Toss
Objective: Toss the rings at the game field and get over a peg. Players get 6 attempts per play.

Can Smash
Objective: Knock down all six cans by throwing bean bags at them. You get three attempts per play.

Mini Hoops
Objective: Grab a mini basketball and take your shot. Score a basket and you win. Three tries per game.

Potty Toss
Objective: Throw a whiffle ball at the toilet seat. Sink it in the bowl and you are a winner. Three throws per player.

Quack Attack
Objective: Toss three bean bags at the six ducks. If you can knock any three or more down, you’ve won! Three bean bag tosses per game.

Color Wheel
Objective: Pick any color on the wheel. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange or White. We will spin the wheel up to three times for you. If the wheel stops on your color, you are a winner!

Pluck A Duck
Objective: Several ducks are swimming in the motorized water pond. They swim around and around, in circles bumping into each other, changing places and going in and out of the tunnel. Player plucks any duck from the water, if it has the right mark on its underside, you’re a winner!  Two tries per player.
We set up the games side by side on our own 8-foot table, with plastic chain barriers in front.

Pluck A Duck is the only exception. We require access to electricity and a sink to fill the tub. We also require a second attendant because the players to come right up to the game itself.

Our attendants will set and reset the playing fields, explain all of the rules and hand the necessary game pieces to the player. The best part, win or lose everyone who tries still wins a prize!

The children will be lining up again and again to beat the game they missed the first time and/or to try one or more of the other games but most likely will play all of them several times.

And why wouldn’t they? They are fun to play and win or lose, they’ll get a really cool prize every time! Everything from Happy Face Rings to Chinese Yo-Yos, temporary tattoos for boys and girls, crayon sets, mini compass, pocket coloring books, foam tic-tac-toe games & pieces, clapper balls, bird whistles and many other fun novelties.

Carnival Theme Party Rentals

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