Casino Theme Party

Let Ronjo’s Entertainment organize an exciting Casino Theme Party for you and your guests. We will provide everything to make sure everyone feels like they are in a real casino atmosphere!

We come in and set up the gaming tables and chairs if needed. We provide dice, chips, cards, and play money. Your guests come to the “window” and we exchange as much or as little of their play money for chips as they desire.  Players can move from game to game, table to table. At the end of the party, guest’s remaining chips are turned in for play currency.

Who are the high rollers at your Casino Theme Party? Who are the lucky gamblers? Who are the hoarders?

Player’s who have the most play money at the end in turn redeem their play money for prizes. Typically 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (you supply the prizes.)

Games available Roulette, Mini Craps, Black Jack, Poker and more! We’ll even give your guests a crash course in the rules, if required.

casino theme parties

Casino Theme Parties

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