Knife Thrower

Ronjo Entertainment has all kinds of entertainers to make your event memorable! One such talent available to you is our professional knife thrower! Be prepared to see a professional knife throwing act at your next event! 

Knife Throwing is a very dangerous skill and takes years, if not decades to perfect! Real steel knives are thrown at a human target, who can be hurt if the thrower is not 100% accurate! This is a truly exhilarating act to be able to see live and in person!

Ronjo Entertainment can supply you a knife thrower to command your guests attention and make them gasp as he shows his skill! Whether you are looking to put on a large stage production, or a corporate event. Give us a call and let us discuss the many ways Ronjo Entertainment can make your event truly unforgettable!

hire a knife thrower

Hire a Knife Thrower

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