Ronjo Entertainment has been entertaining Long Island and beyond since 1971.  Our magic shows are guaranteed fun and entertaining the whole way through for adults and kids! The starting price is for a 20 minute show, for 15 children, within 15 miles of our location in Port Jefferson Station. Feel free to give us a call so we can customize a magic show for your event. We also offer goodie bags filled with magic so the kids can go home with something extra special, they’ll be talking about your party for weeks!

There are also different types of magicians who specialize in certain kinds of functions. Have a Mingling Magician for cocktail hour at your wedding or in between courses during dinner at your kids birthday party or bar/bat mitzvah.

When you book a mingling magician with Ronjo’s Entertainment, you can be sure we are sending you a seasoned professional. Only the best magicians in the business are in our roster. We do not hire weekend warriors. We want you to be fooled as well as entertained and not just tricked. There is a difference. A very big one!

Your guests will be thrilled and delighted as a Ronjo certified pro walks through your event performing close-up magic also known as street magic for small groups. Miracles happening in their own hands and right before their eyes. Lots of comedy, mystery and audience participation. Things appearing, disappearing and changing into other items.

For example: A borrowed one dollar bill visibly transforms into a one hundred dollar bill and back again. A borrowed diamond ring mysteriously teleports from the magician’s hand only to be found secured to their key chain. A borrowed watch is made to stop ticking using only the power of their mind.

After your guests experience these impossibilities. They won’t stop talking about your kids birthday party or whatever your event for the rest of the evening and for a long time to come!


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Magicians & Illusionists

Ronjo’s family shows entertain all ages. A full featured magic show is like no other experience. Your guests will be AMAZED when one of our polished magicians comes straight to your party and creates non stop fun for all. Laughs, gasps, and applause will come from every partygoer when they see the look of shock on volunteers’ faces while our miracle workers do their tricks. This shared experience will last in the minds of everyone who attends for a lifetime.
Illusions seen up close feel like real magic.Our close up magicians socializes throughout the crowd while creating impossible moments. They can also display their impossible skills in a more formal seated environment.Our close up magicians are the perfect enhancement for any event. Without stopping everything and gather everyone, they provoke fun, amused and astonished reactions from all.
Seeing is believing and there is nothing like seeing a human being float in mid air. Our stage shows are Vegas quality acts. They combine magic, dance, music, drama, illusion, manipulation, choreography and many more theatrical elements to create the experience of the highest quality live show for your guests. The magician and assistant perform full body stunts and large scale illusions which completely confound and amaze the audience. Our high caliber performers come with everything they need besides a stage and an audience. Here is a video of our amazing magician in action with audience reactions.

We service the following areas:

Long Island Magicians

New York Magicians

Nassau County Magicians