Your guests will be laughing out loud and watching in awe when you hire a Ventriloquist from Ronjo’s Entertainment for your next event.

We represent some well-known comedy ventriloquists for hire. You’ve seen them on TV, on cruise ships and in clubs and casinos. Now is your chance to bring the comedy club to your corporate function, house party or catered event!

When our ventriloquist’s dummy interacts with the performer and the audience, everyone will be amazed and delighted. Many relate to the character as if it were real.Ventriloquist

The audience will love the act. The will love the ventriloquist. They’ll be amazed how the performer can do different voices and how his lips don’t move. Everyone will laugh like crazy and be glad they came!

Prices vary on individual performers, event types, venue, size of audience, dates and locations.

Call 631-928-5353 or email for more details.

Interested in learning Ventriloquism? We offer several books, DVD and downloads on the subject. We also carry puppets and Ventriloquist Figures. CLICK ON THESE NAMES: Secrets of a Walk About Ventriloquist by Paul Romhany, World’s Most Famous Unknown Magician and Ventriloquist by Bob Carroll, Ventriloquism by Ken Davie – Book, Talk Like a Dummy: ABC’s of Ventriloquism- DVD, Howdy Doody Super Deluxe Upgrade Dummy,Monkey For Ventriloquism by Uday.

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