Comedy Hypnotist

Ronjo Entertainment has many different unique variety acts that your guests are just going to love! One of our comedy hypnotists is a great choice for larger groups looking for something truly out of the ordinary.

Many people think that hypnosis is a bunch of malarkey until they see it happen to a loved one or better yet experience it for themselves.

The soft, soothing and relaxing music starts as your hypnotists asks for volunteers to come up and participate. At which point willing subjects come on stage and sit down in a row. The mesmerizer explains he will do a few simple relaxation tests to see who is best susceptible to his suggestions.

He invites those in the audience to take part in the tests as well. After a few minutes for many people these simple tests actually simple tasks, such as closing your eyes and not being able to open them, eating an imaginary lemon and actually tasting house sour it is, interlocking your fingers and not being able to separate them the hypnotist selects the best candidates and sends the rest back to their seats. Now the fun really begins!

At the hypnotist’s will these people are under his command and proceed to do, say and act out hysterical scenarios by themselves and with others on the stage. While the audience is laughing uncontrollably, the people under his spell perform the task at hand as if it were actually happening with any concern of the audience around them. Yes he can make them bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, but that’s child’s play. How about a trip to Mars in their own space ship? Or a regression to their years as a toddler? We don’t want to give too much away here as it will not only spoil your surprise but also we have a few hypnotists who work for us who each have their own unique routines.

After the show is over he wakes everyone up in a relaxed and happy mood to a thunderous round of applause. Some will remember everything, some will remember some things. All will tell you they felt like they were dreaming and were aware of what they were doing but had no control over what they were doing.

A DVD of the performance is available to guests at the end of the show for an additional fee.

Our hypnotists are trained professionals who regularly perform at casinos, clubs and colleges and guaranteed to be great time for everyone.

Comedy Hypnotist

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