Rent Dunk Tanks

If you are looking to Rent Dunk Tanks, contact Ronjo Entertainment today! Dunk tanks are a real splash! Literally.

They are a real big hit at block parties, school fundraisers or church bake sales. Let’s not forget company picnics, especially if the CEO is the one sitting the bench in a three piece suit! They are even a popular item for a children’s summer birthday party regardless of if you have a pool or not.

A Dunk Tank will not only keep you and your guests cool but it will also keep everyone active as well as keeping them thrilled and excited.

Test your skills by throwing a baseball at the target. If you miss, you’ll get another chance to try again soon enough. Don’t worry if you aim is really bad, the person on the platform is always safe guarded behind a fence that surrounds the top of the tank.

When you hit your mark, the platform will collapse and whoever was sitting on it falls right into the tank with a big splash! Spectators can see all of the action through a window in the front of the tank as the dunked one swims and splashes around. Beware that he or she will be looking for revenge when it becomes your turn to get on the platform!

Climb out of it with the ladder, reset the platform and get back on it.

People of all ages will want to take turns trying to dunk someone as well as being dunked themselves.

Dunk Tanks are built on a very small custom two wheel trailer. We’ll deliver it set it up and show you how to operate it. We just need a place to put it and access to your hose.

It would be best for your guests if we can deliver it early in the morning. That way the sun will have a chance to heat up the water a bit during the day and your guests won’t be freezing.

When you rent dunk tanks from Ronjo Entertainment, you’re sure to have a great time! Please note that insurance laws require us to remove the dunk tank before dusk!

Rent Dunk Tanks

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